What better way to kick of the tech section of this blog with a couple of words about my favorite hosting provider, Uberspace.de.

Uberspace is a universal, shared hosting platform that is perfect for small projects and to experiment.

I started using it back in 2015. At the time I was struggling to find a cheap Linux machine on the web that doesn't come with all the weird restrictions a lot of other low-cost (web) hosting providers implement. On Uberspace you can run binaries, open ports, add your domains and it even comes with automatic Let's Encrypt certificates for your domains.

I used it for a lot of things over the years, for example to run a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator (FreshRSS), a recipe book (Tandoor Recipes), a Mumble server (Mumble), or even this blog.

Uberspace.de has a pay-what-you-want policy, but I would urge you to not abuse it. For projects like this to work, they need solid financial support. To this day I am amazed that they are able to offer this incredible service without any ads or similar nasty things. So far I haven't found anything that comes close to what Uberspace offers.

I would love to hear about similar projects, so please get in touch if you found something interesting.

This post is entirely my opinion and wasn't sponsored by Uberspace.de.